By Anna Bjorlin

The public spaces in downtown West Palm Beach and Northwood Village will once again be splashed with art for the second annual Canvas Outdoor Museum Show, which returns November 11-20.

Einstein by Kobra, photo by Adrian Wilcox Photography

Wall mural by Kobra. (Photo by Adrian Wilcox Photography)
The show, which brings together contemporary artists from around the world, will transform five acres of the city’s streets and parks into an interactive art experience through colossal murals and public installations. Canvas founder and Miami native Nicole Henry, who opened her first gallery in Palm Beach Gardens a decade ago, organized the show after witnessing the growth of Miami’s cultural scene with the introduction of Art Basel.


Wall mural by Greg Mike. (Photo by Adrian Wilcox Photography)
This year, Henry hosted a fundraiser gala on October 22 that attracted a crowd of more than 300 art enthusiasts, celebrities, and socialites. At the 2016 show, guests can expect a full lineup of events including art, music, food, and more, along with the 27 participating artists to be featured this year. (For more information and a schedule of activities, click here.)


Wall mural by Hula. (Photo by Adrian Wilcox Photography)
Palm Beach Illustrated had the chance to chat with Henry about what guests can expect at this year’s show.


Canvas founder Nicole Henry in front of a wall mural by WRDSMTH. (Photo by How did Art Basel influence you when it came to creating Canvas?

Henry: I would just say the vibe! When you bring art and culture into a city, you can really see and feel the energy that comes along with it in the form of economic prosperity and new blood, whether that’s artists, entrepreneurs, or young creatives coming in to set up businesses.

How did people react to the inaugural event?

People really embraced Canvas, and it was people from all different ages and backgrounds. It was really cool to see things shoot up around it, like bike tours, culinary tours, people taking family photos, people shooting rap videos in front of the murals…it really took on a life of its own.

What’s new for this year?

We have 27 artists this year, and I tried to choose artists who are really innovative and have interactive components to their work since I really want people to participate in the artwork. Unlike an indoor museum where you stand five feet back and look at a piece of art, Canvas lets you take pictures with the art and become part of it. You’re also going to see some up-and-coming artists that no one’s heard of before along with famous rockstar artists, so we have a big variety. We have sculptors, muralists, contemporary artists…something for everyone.

What is your end goal for Canvas?

I would like to create a brand that we can take global, where we can bring museum-quality art to outdoor places around the world.

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