CANVAS Outdoor Museum

November 26 – December 2, 2017

Billed as the nation’s largest outdoor museum show, CANVAS brings together the most innovative contemporary artists, collectors, and art influencers from around the world.

Championing art in public places, CANVAS transforms landscapes into an interactive art experience, activating spaces and engaging with the city from concept to completion. Colossal murals and installations punctuate the landscape, along with a complement of public and private events as a nexus between the artists and the community.

This year CANVAS Outdoor Museum™ Show is centered on the theme of Unity.  We believe the use of art and artistic expression offers an opportunity to transcend our differences and connect all of us beyond our backgrounds, age, religion, and beliefs.  Throughout time, creative expression all around the world has served to promote healing, communication, and remind us that Unity is possible.

CANVAS Outdoor Museum™ Show will embrace the magnitude of the need for Unity by visually creating artistic work that will connect us, inspire us, give us hope, and bring thoughtful dialog to our community. It will be a place where we remember what matters. Unity.

  • Site-Specific Outdoor Museum Show 
  • Contemporary Art Installations City-Wide 
  • Live + Innovative Sculptural Interpretations 
  • Creative Art Activations
  • Interactions with Global + Local Artists