Luis Valle aka El Chan Guri, is a Nicaraguan artist born April 16, 1977 in Managua, Nicaragua.  At an early age his family exiled to the United States due to war and political instability in his homeland.  Valle’s family re-located to Miami, Florida where he was raised and gained his primary education.   Growing up in Miami Luis excelled in the arts from an early age. Valle received his formal training from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida where he earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in visual arts while focusing on painting and metal fabrication. He later went on to receive a Masters in Arts Degree from New York University, where he developed an interest in video and video art while continuing his progression as a painter.

Living in New York was a big influence on Valle’s work.  Being in one of the worlds” epicenters of art helped enrich his knowledge and skill as an artist.  Visiting the city’s Museums and local galleries helped give Valle invaluable lessons as he continued on his studies and research for his own work.  While in New York Luis explored and developed a series of video works.  He also edited and worked on various independent art films and projects.   Luis grew an affinity for New York, especially Brooklyn and its diverse art scene but Art Basel and the ever-growing Miami art scene brought Luis back to where he grew up.

Luis decided to move back to Miami and be part of the movement in art that was occurring down there. Living back in Miami and inspired by the city’s vibrant nature and sensuality, Luis developed a large body of work using the female body as his canvas.  For a time you could catch one of Valle’s Female canvas performance at various locations and events throughout the city.

Valle immersed himself in the local scene working closely with the community and local organizations such as Arts For Learning Miami, the Miami children’s Museum, The Miami Dade Library Systems, Boys and Girls Club of Miami, The Overtown Youth Center, Dade County Public Schools, The Art Experience, Giants in the City and Irreversible Projects to name a few. He also worked closely with several of the city’s art galleries and art studios formulating art exhibits and events. Luis was the co-founder of Brisky Gallery Miami where he served as the gallery director, curator and was also one of the artist.

Currently Luis is very active in the Miami art scene creating commissioned murals, as well street art pieces on businesses and neighborhoods throughout South Florida.  His style can be easily recognized, as it is a blend of influences from indigenous cultures, psychology, shamanism, religion, spirituality, frequency, vibration and energy. Luis is considered a staple in the Miami art scene and is a well respected member of the Miami of the community.

Luis believes that spirituality has been lost in the mix of commercialism and fashion in art. He strives to bring the essence of the soul to his artwork. He believes that humans are inherently spiritual beings who are here to realize the same goal. Which is the self-realization of thy self and destiny.